On a Budget?  Choose iPod Wedding Sound System vs. DJ
Honestly the Best Advice Article Ever about using an iPod over a DJ!

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To DJ or not to DJ?​

That is the question!  A lot of savvy brides need to be cost-conscious these days, and there is no harm in exploring all your options!  If you cannot afford a DJ, or are planning a smaller event, or perhaps a last minute elopement - a DJ may not be the best choice for your special event! If you've found yourself in need of an alternative solution - we've got it!

The solution is often referred to as an iPod Wedding. We have everything you need to make that happen!  A full set up, easy to use, with a few bonus perks you may not realize until the end of this article! 

iPod Wedding Set Up

An iPod Wedding set up from BackstageRentals.com is the perfect wedding sound rental package!  It includes 2 separate, easy to use systems, one for your Ceremony, and one for Reception!  Choose your own ceremony music as you walk (or dance!) down the aisle, get announced as you enter the room as the new Mr. & Mrs, offer background music for dinner, and dance music for the reception. 

For your Wedding Ceremony we offer two self-powered speakers on stands and a microphone. For your Reception & Party we package an audio mixer, QSC amp, two JBL speakers on stands, and one microphone and stand.

Both systems are iPod and laptop compatible, so you can bring your own tunes! Service includes delivery, set, and strike. This means we bring it & set it up for FREE, and you relax & party!  

​​It's such a popular set up - we win awards for it!

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But...What if?

Here are some common questions and concerns brides & grooms have about using an ipod for their wedding! Here are some surprising facts we have experienced after providing iPod wedding sound for hundreds of weddings from San Diego to Orange County & Los Angeles. 

Q: What if people don't like my music?  Will I have an empty dance floor?​​

A:   If you play it, they will dance! Everyone dances at weddings! From the lovely first dance to the funky chicken  - people go to weddings expecting to dance, and pretty much nothing will stop them from doing so!   In fact, not only will everyone dance, but you’ll have the playlist for the best night ever - for the rest of your lives!

If you remember to include some variation to your playlist - you can ensure everyone will have a smashing good time!​​

Q: Will the music be less fun without a DJ?

​​A:  A DJ can bring personality and fun to your event.  But the difference is small and short lived.

Need proof? Then answer this:  Can you tell us the name of any DJ at any event you have ever attended - EVER? If the answer is "no", then what you remember about the event was the people you enjoyed and the music that accompanied it.  Not the DJ.  This is why, if a DJ is not in within your taste or budget, the iPod Wedding set up is ideal! 

​​Rest assured! We've seen many weddings happen smoothly & unfold wonderfully with the help of friends & family.  It's customary for the father of the bride or groom, or the best man or woman to make a simple announcement before dinner, the first dance, etc to keep the party moving in the right direction.
Hints & Tips for your iPod Wedding

1. Amplification matters  Even if your venue is not that large, you need to be able to amplify your sound.  Most people assume this is just for the dancing portion of the wedding and think, "Our venue is small enough where everyone will hear the music.."  but what about the ceremony?  We've all been to a wedding where no one could hear the sweetly spoken vows, which is the most touching part and the reason for all weddings - and this can be a huge drag! Our professional amplification system can be run with a laptop, and is worth it's weight in gold for providing your entire wedding party the special intimacy your ceremony will offer.  We'll do a quick sound check to make sure you know how it works and to be sure it sounds great!

2. Between songs You can set up your itunes playlist to cross fade, which means to have each song flow seamlessly into the next (rather than have dead air between songs), and you should.  You can arrange your itunes online with your own song selection easily, and even cut portions of longer songs, which you may need to do for things like walking down the aisle...)

3. Play music EVERYONE loves  You're likely going to have all ages at your wedding, and whether the Top 40 is not normally on your iPod, or you can't name a single Frank Sinatra song - you should probably include some of both.  Music brings people together, and it is this phenomenon that makes the dancing part of the wedding so much fun.  It's the only time you'll have the chance to realize your dad knows the words to Justin Timberlake, watch your grandma boogie to Daft Punk, slow dance to Tony Bennett, and that everyone you know and love will sing together to "YMCA".  Yep, it'll happen.  And it will be magical!

4. Play list flow Hint for iPod Wedding users.  Use an iTunes Wedding Song APP!  This is the best way to organize your songs into important categories - some apps even take requests!  Organize your songs into categories you choose, or the pre-set catalogs!  (View below!)

Pre-Ceremony (Playlist)
Groom’s Procession (Song)
Group Procession (Song)
Bride’s Procession (Song)
Registry Signing (Playlist)
Recessional (Song)

Cocktail Hour (Playlist)
Wedding Party Entrance (Song)
Dinner (Playlist)
Cake Cutting (Song)
First Dance (Song)
Father-Daughter Dance (Song)
Mother- Son Dance (Song)
Slow Dancing (Playlist)

Bouquet Toss (Song)
Garter Toss (Song)
Party Dancing (Playlist)
Final Song (Song)
Click here to read about My Wedding DJ App & Here to read about My Wedding Music App!​​

5. Have someone in charge of the iPod Did you ever see the Seinfeld episode where everyone is given a job to do at Joe Mayo's house party? Jerry watches the fish tank, Elaine handles the coats, and Puddy looks after the music.  We think he's got something here.  After a few drinks, someone may feel they've become enlightened enough to know how the direction of your wedding should go.  Perhaps they'll recall a dismal love affair wherein Metallica's "Unforgiven" played an important role.  Perhaps they love Elvis and don't realize that "Suspicious Minds" may not be the best choice, or they love country and think that "All My Exes Live in Texas" will be funny... you see where we're going with this.  Elect someone to watch and/or manage the iPod that will NOT take requests that do not jive with your event.  (If you're can - get several people to watch it during different portions of the night so they're not doing it for the entire wedding!)

6. The younger the crowd, the longer the dancing At some point during the evening, no one over 35 will be dancing.  They'll be gathering kids, wiping brows, and enjoying their last sips of champagne.  Feel free to alter your own playlist to go straight to hip hop, pop and dance songs when this happens.  Remember, there are no rules except the ones you make at your wedding!

7. Pick songs that matter to YOU as a couple  Forget the raised eyebrows - if "Oooo Baby I Love Your Way" is your song - then so be it.  Whatever songs are important to you guys as a couple in your lives should be on your playlist.  Remember, with an iPod wedding, you'll have a playlist and soundtrack for this special night forever!  Don't skimp on your personal favorites!  You'll be saying, "OMG I LOVE this song!" all night!

8. Have an announcer! Without someone making announcements, your grand entrance, cake cutting, the first dance and other activities will not be the most shining moments they ought to be.  Get the best man or woman to make these announcements so all eyes are on you as a couple!

9.  Venue to the rescue? If your venue will let you tap into its sound system, we can help you get it set up to play it through the venue's speakers!  At least during cocktails and dinner, no one will have to worry about sound or songs as they play in the background.  If you can't do this through the venue, our speakers will be a perfect solution to any size wedding party!

10. Get a few tips from the pros!  When you rent your iPod Wedding sound system from Backstage Rentals, our guys will set you up right.  We'll bring the gear to you.  We'll set it up, and show you how to use it. 

​​We will walk you through how to keep the songs loud enough to hear, but not so loud your guests can't talk to each other; why you should never use a microphone while standing in front of a speaker (squealing feedback anyone?); or for that matter put their hand over a mic (same reason). 

​​Our iPod Wedding system is easy to use, and don't be deterred by those who say it can't be done - hundreds of San Diego & Orange County brides have had enormously fun weddings using this exact same set up, and making their wedding their own!  Bridal Insider has given us awards for this! 

Backstage Rentals will deliver for free, set up your iPod Wedding sound system, walk you through it's use, and pick it up after your event - even at 1am.  We know most venues require complete clean up of all equipment at a certain time, so we'll be there to break it down & take it back - no charge.
Q: Okay, but what about announcing wedding events?!  What about the first dance, father-bride dance, bouquet toss, cake cutting, etc?

A: Remember, if you are going to use an iPod for your wedding, you should appoint someone to monitor it.  This would likely be a best man or maid of honor - maybe your technologically inclined or Apple worshiping friend.

You can easily elect the same person, or different people in your party to make announcements as they come up during the wedding.  A few quick sentences into a microphone (provided by BackstageRentals.com of course!) will do the trick.

For example:  Best Man to introduce couple and first dance.  Maid of Honor to announce dinner time and cake cutting.  Father or Mother of Bride & Groom to make first toast.  Easy!​​

Every wedding is different - but we have noticed that with so many blended families, the tradition of brides dancing with fathers and mothers dancing with grooms is happening less and less often.  The bride and groom would often really rather sit and eat with everyone else, and not be bothered with "older" traditions.

We perform hundreds of weddings, and can tell you with certainty, that more and more couples are simply playing subtle, uninterrupted music through their reception parties, including dinner and cake cutting using their iPods.  

This allows every guest at the party, especially the bride and groom, to relax and enjoy the party with a lovely background of music that floats easily through dinner and dessert.

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